My first cold after H1N1 vaccine & the officially first one in Korea

I finally catch a cold… My first and official cold in Korea and after my H1N1 vaccine back home in Cambodia before my flight to Seoul.

This morning, the weather was kinda cold, as low as 10C (as new season, FALL is already coming). I heard, the weather will be colder as time goes by. So, I need to be strong and take good care of my health.

Since this morning, I’ve been suffering with headache, running nose, sore throat. I feel the laziness within myself – It’s very hard to live my days with this COLD illness. I just want to rest or go to bed. You can imagine it yourself – my handkerchief was wet and fully got dirt everywhere.

I already took some medicine I brought from Cambodia. Hopefully, I will recover and get well very soon! Cos, I can’t be sick – I have many places to explore and many things to experience!!!

All for now, need to do some review on my Korean lessons. Then I will be off to bed early tonight! Buddha blesses me! ^^ Thanks for reading!


A World Citizen and Your Friend from Kingdom of Cambodia! Currently calling Seoul his home while pursuing his Korean language course and Master degree of Public Policy. {Single & Taken}

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