After payday – iPhone 4 hunt… & Android alternatives

Hi, and welcome October! And I also got my 2nd month pay too ^^

Few months back, my payday was always around 25th day of every month. But now it’s changed – the monthly allowance from NIIED/Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is now my pay and I get it first day of every month. Gratitude and sincere thanks to South Korean Government for such great opportunity for me to pursue my academic dream in Seoul.

Anyway, back to the main subject of this post – my hunt for iPhone 4! Sound interesting, right? Yes, it IS 🙂

Below are screenshots I took from KT’s website (KT is one of the 3 main telecoms in South Korea – other 2 are SK and LG). The 2nd pix features its various call plans.

The website is all written in Korean – not English visitors-friendly…

Various call plans with either 1 or 2 years of contract & installments of device price.

KT only offer this bundle packages (handset + post-paid call plan) to its Korean customers. For foreigners, we need to pay in full amount upfront in order to own an iPhone. So what does this mean to me???

With this matter of fact, I am now considering Android alternatives. I have not done any serious search on it yet – but 3 phones are in my mind now:

But as of now, I am already securing an used phone for temporary use first for the next couple of weeks/months!

Thanks for reading!


A World Citizen and Your Friend from Kingdom of Cambodia! Currently calling Seoul his home while pursuing his Korean language course and Master degree of Public Policy. {Single & Taken}

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