Officially 1 year+ in #Korea: Wrapping up August and preparing for September

Time flies fast… It has been 1 year and a few days that I have been calling Seoul home.

Below are my flight’s e-ticket and one of my first few shots of Korea, the land of the Morning Calm, while onboard with Korean Air.

During this 1-year time, I was able to visit Cambodia once during my vacation in March. Hoping to visit home again early 2012 if I happen to have long vacation, if not – have to wait till around this time, August or December. Phew…

Anyway, what’s happening with you lately? At my side, few weeks saw very busy schedules, many to-do’s… life was somehow under chaos cos I was not managing my time well.

In summary:

  • End of Summer Term for my Korean language course as I wrote a short note with a pix in my previous post.
  • 1-year celebration of living in Korea with my Korean brother Hyunsub and his friend. We drank the so-called Poktanju (폭탄주), which literally means ‘Boom alcohol drink or beer‘ that is a mixture of beer (맥주)  and Soju (소주).
  • Another new progress in my initiative project, namely Cambodian Students Association in Korea or CSA-Korea for short. I finally set up a blog and did some write-ups, plus calling for participation from our Cambodian students in Korea. I will write a new post separately about this CSA-Korea.
  • Living alone as my roommate moved out today to his new dorm at Suwon Campus. Don’t know when new guy is coming… So I took the opportunity to clean the room and the WC – it’s been quite a long while.
  • And there were few other tiny small things…. which not worth to mention.

To welcome September, I have got many things to mind… Again, this will make my days so occupying and busy!

To mention a few:

  • TOPIK Level 3 Exam on Sep 18 – I have to – a must by all means, pass this exam and get ready for my graduate study at KDI School.
  • Allocating some time for other volunteer projects I love to work on, including Khmer Wikipedia. Its blog is here – where you can find out its other online presence.
  • Again, building CSA-Korea network with fellow Cambodian students in Korea. So once, we’ve got good number of members, we will reach out to relevant communities (including government institutions, businesses…) for cooperation, e.g. a field/study trip to see how a government office works or how a business/factory operates…
  • Thinking of do more writings, traveling and taking some photos – with a hope to be able to submit any of it to publication for print.
  • And few others… still thinking 🙂

All for now. Recently, I also updated my Projects I’m IN – and looking for like-minded people to work with. In case you are interested, DO write me a line! Thank you.



A World Citizen and Your Friend from Kingdom of Cambodia! Currently calling Seoul his home while pursuing his Korean language course and Master degree of Public Policy. {Single & Taken}

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