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គីមឈី 김치 Kimchi: I am to write a book on K-Food

Hello, I’m back! And today, I would like to write this blog post about Korean foods, in particular Kimchi. Ok, the first thing I was interested to do is to google the keyword ‘Kimchi,’ not only in English, but in

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Welcome April, time to resume my blogging habit again!

Again, time flies fast… It has been quite long time that I’ve been silent in this blogosphere. I will resume this blogging habit and on only on this personal blog, but also in few other voluntary projects I’ve been involving

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#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제19회 한국어능력시험 (19th Test Paper)

Again, here I am. This is the 6th post of the TOPIK series, featuring the 19th TOPIK test paper. Below, you also can check the previous posts for your reference: 24th TOPIK exam: [Test Paper], [Answer Sheet] 23rd: [Test Paper],

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Last week that was… extraordinary busy!!!

Good evening, everyone! It’s a bit unusual for a late night blog post today, but I was not able to do so in the daytime. Was taking a long noon nap to recover back all my energy spent last busy

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#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제20회 한국어능력시험 (20th Test Paper)

Welcome Monday, and big greetings to everyone! This is my 5th post of the TOPIK series. In this post you can find the 2oth TOPIK test paper. You also can check the previous posts as below: 24th TOPIK exam: [Test

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#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제21회 한국어능력시험 (21st Test Paper)

Greetings! Here you are, my 4th post of the TOPIK series – the 21st TOPIK test paper. As usual the Answer Sheet will be up Thu on CSA-Korea blog. Here is the link to previous test, 22nd TOPIK answer sheet.

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#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제22회 한국어능력시험 (22nd Test Paper)

Good morning! Are you ready for new week ahead? Today, again here comes my 3rd post of the TOPIK series. This post will feature the 22nd TOPIK test paper. You can give yourself a try solving this test paper and

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