#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제23회 한국어능력시험 (23rd Test Paper)


Here comes my 2nd post of the TOPIK series. This post will feature the 23rd TOPIK test paper. Just an update – I will post the test paper on this blog every Monday, while the answer sheet will be posted on CSA-Korea blog every Thursday.

Here is the link to the 24th TOPIK answer sheet. Good luck with your Korean language study!

See you next week again on Monday! So stay tuned for the 22th paper.


1교시 표현 (어휘 및 문법, 쓰기)

2교시 이해 (듣기, 읽기)

[Audio: link here to listen]

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#캄보디아… 어서오세요! Welcome to #Cambodia!

안녕! 잘 지냈어요?
한국어로 blog post 를 쓰는 게 좀 오랜만에요! ㅋㅋㅋ
할 수도록 한국어로 쓰기를 많이 연습하기로 했어요.

그래서 오늘은 제가 아침에 했던 발표를 이야기하겠어요.

그 발표는 ‘캄보디아… 어서오세요!’라고 제목으로 하며 선생님과 반 친구들에게 캄보디아를 소개했어요.

Please enjoy it as below. In case you need a copy of it, let me know. Thank you!!!

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#TOPIK 중급 (Intermediate): 제24회 한국어능력시험 (24th Test Paper)


It has been awhile again. Now I would like to share you guys the Test Paper of the 24th TOPIK that I sat on Sep 18.

I’ve to wait for about 2 months for the result. So for safe – I will need to prepare for the next sitting – the 25th early 2012.

Ok, please enjoy the below test paper. The answer part will be posted later within the week. Cheers,

1교시 표현 (어휘 및 문법, 쓰기)

2교시 이해 (듣기, 읽기)

[Audio: link here to listen]

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토픽시험과 학격소망엿: 3 2 1 READY!

드디어 시험날이다! 이번


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My first step into #PublicPolicy arena…

Today, I got up earlier than usual as I had to join in the first day of a series of seminars on Public Policy jointly-organized by Central Officials Training Institute (COTI) and KDI School of Public Policy and Management titled 2011 Global Government Officials Seminar on International Policy. This event took placed at COTI, which is around 1-1.5hrs drive from Seoul.

Today, I surprisingly felt different than ordinary day – feeling like I’m not in Korea, but elsewhere English-speaking and in a truly academic setting! I felt good and looking forward for more of it… cos I’m too full of Korean language class environment, honestly!

Each session was full of insights and new knowledge for me, plus with other fellow participants – including other international students from KDI School as well as our fellow Korean counterparts who are newly-recruited G5 public officials undertaking 6-month training at COTI before dispatching to their own respective agency/ministry.

This series of seminars is hold every Friday running from today til Oct 14 – in total of 5 seminars covering various subjects and topics. Another great thing in it is the opportunity to network with other fellow participants, exchanging experience and ideas… and hopefully, in the future we will cross our path again…

All for now, if I have more time, I might better organize my thoughts and repost a better summary!

Ah, lastly, I LOVE the tagline/slogan of COTI – as followings:

Think BIG, think FAST, think FAIR!


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#Farewell #August, and #welcome #September!

Are you ready? Whether or not you’re ready, time never wait… Today’s already September!!! I hope to fine-tune back my habit and daily lifestyle…

Anyway, enjoy this pix of first sunrise in September below!

Nice day! Need to prepare and will off to a conference today. Bye,

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Officially 1 year+ in #Korea: Wrapping up August and preparing for September

Time flies fast… It has been 1 year and a few days that I have been calling Seoul home.

Below are my flight’s e-ticket and one of my first few shots of Korea, the land of the Morning Calm, while onboard with Korean Air.

During this 1-year time, I was able to visit Cambodia once during my vacation in March. Hoping to visit home again early 2012 if I happen to have long vacation, if not – have to wait till around this time, August or December. Phew…

Anyway, what’s happening with you lately? At my side, few weeks saw very busy schedules, many to-do’s… life was somehow under chaos cos I was not managing my time well.

In summary:

  • End of Summer Term for my Korean language course as I wrote a short note with a pix in my previous post.
  • 1-year celebration of living in Korea with my Korean brother Hyunsub and his friend. We drank the so-called Poktanju (폭탄주), which literally means ‘Boom alcohol drink or beer‘ that is a mixture of beer (맥주)  and Soju (소주).
  • Another new progress in my initiative project, namely Cambodian Students Association in Korea or CSA-Korea for short. I finally set up a blog and did some write-ups, plus calling for participation from our Cambodian students in Korea. I will write a new post separately about this CSA-Korea.
  • Living alone as my roommate moved out today to his new dorm at Suwon Campus. Don’t know when new guy is coming… So I took the opportunity to clean the room and the WC – it’s been quite a long while.
  • And there were few other tiny small things…. which not worth to mention.

To welcome September, I have got many things to mind… Again, this will make my days so occupying and busy!

To mention a few:

  • TOPIK Level 3 Exam on Sep 18 – I have to – a must by all means, pass this exam and get ready for my graduate study at KDI School.
  • Allocating some time for other volunteer projects I love to work on, including Khmer Wikipedia. Its blog is here – where you can find out its other online presence.
  • Again, building CSA-Korea network with fellow Cambodian students in Korea. So once, we’ve got good number of members, we will reach out to relevant communities (including government institutions, businesses…) for cooperation, e.g. a field/study trip to see how a government office works or how a business/factory operates…
  • Thinking of do more writings, traveling and taking some photos – with a hope to be able to submit any of it to publication for print.
  • And few others… still thinking 🙂

All for now. Recently, I also updated my Projects I’m IN – and looking for like-minded people to work with. In case you are interested, DO write me a line! Thank you.


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